7 Most Important uses of women's Hijab

1. Hijab improves women’s health
In addition to maintaining the purity, the veil also protects women’s health and well-being. Since the body of women is worn with hijab, it is protected against contamination and other possible damage. According to a study, veiled women lose 40-60 percent less heat than others. Hence, covering the head or observing the hijab in cold months can help maintain their health.

2. Hijab protects women from persecution (especially from men)
Men tend to entertain and enjoy themselves by looking at the prominences and specific parts of women’s bodies, and this can lead to the persecution of women. Also, keeping the hijab will protect women from any harassment (especially from men), because their body is worn by the veil.

3. Hijab reinforces purity and chastity in women
The hijab reminds themselves and others of the purity and chastity of Muslim women. Another benefit of the veil is that it shows that women are protected against all evil and temptations. Hence, they are usually clean and dangerous. However, the good character of women also strengthens the authenticity of the hijab.

4. Hijab acts as a symbol of commitment
Another benefit of the veil is that it acts as a symbol of a woman’s commitment to a man. No one else has the right to seek the pleasure of them, because they are solely affiliated with their spouse. Also, the hijab can act as a symbol of commitment to God or the religion of Islam.

5. Hijab makes others focus only on female characters
Compliance with the hijab means that women’s physical characteristics and beauty are covered; this causes others to focus only on their personality. In this way, veiled women are proud of not their physical features but their inner beauty.

6. Decrease jealousy than others
Women are always exposed to competitions, eyes, and eyes in the purchase and use of expensive clothes, Hijab reduces the negative impact of these competitions on the eyes and eyes and reduces the value and worth of other women. Also, all veiled women look like each other, and they can not be judged by the price of their clothes.

7. Hijab improves women’s self-esteem
As the hijab improves purity and chastity in women, it can also help improve their self-esteem. Women’s self-esteem is measured according to how they are covered, while hijab compliance means raising and maintaining female dignity. Compliance with the veil is a way to increase women’s self-esteem, and the good personality of women can also increase their self-esteem.

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