About Islamica

Welcome to Islamica, your one stop shoppe for exclusive islamic products of all kinds fromislamic attire including abayas, hijabs, thobes to complete range of other products like prayer mats, compasses, car accessories, etc. Our goal is to deliver new and innovative Islamic products which are most sought after, throug smart services, best competitive prices and superlative quality. We provide the platform to small and medium vendors so as to connect with their potential customers worldwide. A stress free shopping experience and an efficient delivery system are our highlights.

We at Islamica strongly believe that our vendors and customers are our strength and support and this is why we strive to maintain a positive and healthy working relationship always. We also possess a transparent working system through an affiliate program marked by top brands in the industry.

We cater to every needs of Muslims from abayas to adhaan clocks, hijaab to Hajj and Umrah combos, toopies to tazbi, etc. We also deal in bridal essentials and halal makeup, modest apparel for both sexes, CD's and books for all ages by various renowned islamic speakers and authors. Attar, miswak, prayer mats, thobes, kohl are some other speciality products. We always strive to update our products on a regular basis. You are free to contact us if you require any specific product which is not available on our site.

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